L'école Chempaka Silver Oak

Latest News

L’école Chempaka Society for Educare, in liaison with ‘Safe Campus’ is implementing a programme for students from Grade III in bringing about Global safety Preparedness for our students.
Safe Campus have been conducting workshops for the students and staff of more than 150 schools pan India and abroad for the last 10 years to create an awareness about personal safety with hands-on learning of techniques and concepts.

About Us

L’école Chempaka, “Silver oak” is a premier primary educational institution based at Nalanchira, Trivandrum. The school is administered by L’école Chempaka Society for Educare. The school was started in June 2020 and offers CBSE pattern of curriculum. The teaching methodology is pivoted around “The Chempaka Way”, that offers a stress-free, students-friendly and dynamic atmosphere where learning happens natural, creatively and meaningfully.

The L’école Chempaka Society for Educare also runs ICSE, ISC and Cambridge curriculum schools in Trivandrum and Kochi.

School Image - Lecole Chempaka Silver Oak

Our Vision

An outstanding school cultivating dynamic students who are culturally aware and collaborative within a multicultural society.

Our Mission

Achieving Social Grace by providing an environment where students, parents, teachers and administration (Chempakaites) work together as a nurturing community that lays emphasis on intellectual and emotional growth, in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential empowering students to become future leaders who possess qualities of wisdom, valour, loyalty and integrity focusing on developing visionary, expressive and confident individuals with sensitivity and concern for the less fortunate, the environment, diversity, communal harmony, human rights and democratic values.

Our Eco Mission

Every Chempakite is expected to take with them Eco-values FROM SCHOOL TO HOME TO COMMUNITY.

Our History

Chempaka Kindergarten was founded in 1984 by Mr Vernon Gomez and Dr Daphne Gomez with the objective of developing a holistic approach to pre-school education.

Proven highly successful with little pre-schoolers over the years, the “Chempaka Way” was  then extended to include all levels of schooling with the launch of L’école Chempaka in the year 1999.

Since its inception L’école Chempaka has become the renowned name for the quality education in the city of Trivandrum by having schools in all the mainstream syllabi of the national and international repute.

L’école Chempaka CBSE is the new venture, started in the year 2020 with the sole aim of bringing CBSE curriculum and the Chempaka Way together to nurture young minds who will make a difference in the world

With the takeover in August 2019 by Athena Education, L’école Chempaka has undergone an evolution, whilst staying true to its core principles, has adapted and innovated with the changing times to  scale greater heights in all aspects.

Athena Education Originating from the UAE city of Dubai, is a young, progressive education brand dedicated to preparing growing minds for the modern world. Mr. V N P Raj, the founder and Managing Director of Athena Education, whose philosophy of education deeply grounded in humanity is  the guiding light of the Chempaka family henceforth.

Athena Education is driven by the purpose to bring social grace to the world through quality learning. When the individual has needs for freedom of expression; freedom of thought and freedom to realize one’s true potential, all are met in our classrooms, We ultimately produce an innovative modern society governed by happiness; harmony and peace. We recognize that it is the questioning mind that is the catalyst for creativity, innovation and improvement in human society.

Message from the Chairman

Dear Children,

I write this with the immense feel of writing to you.  I think so, because you are always in my dreams, passion and hope.  I have dedicated my life to your cause and therefore your achievements big or small are moments of happiness and pride for me.  I work towards liberating you from all your fears. There shall be no fear in you of doing a mistake at any point of time.  Let your mistakes and wrongs help you to think and explore more in life.  Self-exploration always builds self confidence in you.  Let you become confident to express what you think and feel boldly.  

Good children know how to respect themselves as well as respect others around them.  Let our school help you to find a role model for you to achieve in your life.  The day you find your passionate role model, a teacher shall be born in your mind.  Your school teachers become the best friends of your mind teacher. Together they shall drive you to achieve your goals.  That is The Chempaka Way that make us all proud. Let me wish you happiness in The Chempaka Way.  

Mr. V.N.P Raj - Chairman

Mr. V N P Raj


Message by Headmistress

Every child requires and deserves a nurturing and motivating learning environment.  Here at L’école Chempaka, Silver Oak that is our mission. Our school ensures and promotes learning to be a joyful experience for each one of our students.   Where we have strived to create a classroom culture by which they learn; by doing, by nature, through arts, culture, sports, music.  This in-turn encourages expression of thoughts and questioning and equally mindfulness is introduced to the young minds.

We believe in the development of individuality of our wards as much as we will be guiding them to excel in academics.  We have developed teaching practices and lesson plans with a synergy of the Chempaka way with the CBSE syllabus to ensure that our chempakites are prepared to succeed and lead in this world.  

My priority is to  ensure that Silver Oaks will provides all our students with highest levels faculty and future facility to allow our students to be their best and showcase who they are.  We will travel with our students hand in hand in their school life, that is The Chempaka Way.

Mrs Juhi Sivakumar