Parents Testimonials

Parents Testimonial
We were initial skeptical about getting admission for our son in Grade 1 since this was the first ever CBSE batch. Thinking about the earlier Chempaka experience, we had a trust that we would never be disappointed. After a year in silver oak we are really happy about our decision. LCSO has a holistic approach to education which is commendable. There is individual attention given to each child which is really appreciable especially during the virtual classes.  There were extra circular activities like recitation competitions, science exhibition, celebration of Independence day, onam, Christmas and also the Annual day. The new facility at Nalanchira is class apart and kids are eagerly looking forward to be a part of the same. Even during the virtual classes there were extra periods for cooking, arts and Crafts, reading classes, music  and dance classes, virtual tours which was eagerly awaited by the kids. One most important factor is the stress free environment for kids as well as the parents since teachers give very minimal homework to the kids, which is also a relief for the working parents. The teachers and headmistress value and implement all the suggestions given by the parents. The one year of good experience had given us confidence to bring our elder son also to LSCO. I truly recommend LSCO to all parents who want to have a  holistic approach to education.
Thanks and regards, 
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Mr Sumith Mohan
Mrs Saradalakshmi 
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Siddharth Sumith Grade II Snowdrops
Samar Sumith Grade III Magnolia
Parents Testimonial
We are bhoomika vipin's parents. Our kid loves this school. The online academics are very good. But even better is the way it conducted in a fun filled manner without giving any stress to kids or parents. The teachers and administrators are always polite supportive and easily accessible. The daily PE sessions coupled with assembly sessions, aerobics,music are truly good. Above all its the first air conditioned CBSE school in Trivandrum. We strongly recommend L'école chempaka silver oaks to anyone looking for a good school for their children.
Thank you. L'école
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Dr. Anupama Radhakrishnan
Mr Vipin Hemachandran
Parents of Bhoomika Vipin Grade III Magnolia
Parents Testimonial
Our son, Siddhant studying in Grade 3, has been part of the Chempaka family since playgroup. Last academic year we took the decision to pursue CBSE with L'école Chempaka, Silver Oak.  True to the Chempaka way, the teachers at L’ecole Chempaka Silver oak are helpful, full of support and encouragement. Their approach has helped Siddhant gain confidence to participate actively in class. 

  The school management did not let the pandemic and the online mode of education disrupt progress and invested in a great IT infrastructure that helps conduct classes online in a seamless manner.  

  Besides the academic rigour, Siddhant loved getting an opportunity to perform during extra-curricular events.     As parents, we are glad that our son is in such an amazing environment that fosters a positive attitude.  Wish you all the best and we are sure you will continue to keep up the excellent work.  
Mrs. Jeeja and Mr. Deviprasad
Parents of Siddhant Deviprasad Grade III Magnolia